Empower Network URL’s Blocked By Facebook

Empower Network URL’s Blocked By Facebook

empower network blockedIf you woke up this morning and logged into facebook, you may have noticed that Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe’s Empower Network group has disappeared overnight. On closer scrutiny you will have noticed that all your links to your empower network blog posts have also gone. In other words facebook have banned Empower Network.

I am sure that facebook are making a tidy sum of money from Empower Network members who are buying facebook ads. It is not known at the moment why this ban has been administered but it seems a bit heavy handed to me.

I noticed the Dave’s just emailed everyone with the following message in case you haven’t seen it here it is.

Hi Frank,

I woke up this morning, and Facebook was blocking our links. Occassionally, something like this happens because we’re growing so fast, and have so many people moving and doing things at once – that something breaks temporarily.


“Move fast, and break things” has ALWAYS been our motto. So if you get blocked posting an Empower Network link – there are two things to do – FIRST, realize you can STILL post links from our Empower Network facebook app, that you can use here:


SECOND, realize that most of our signups are coming from email marketing – and keep marekting. We’ll be posting marketing assignments via email, in our public updates, and on the blog for the next 5-10 days as we’re resolving this issue.

THIRD, do me a favor – and until they unblock our domain, file a ‘block appeal’ on Facebook every single time they block an action related to Empower Network. Here’s a message I just posted on my wall, at:https://www.facebook.com/empowernetwork

————start of status update————–

Hey guys, lol – Facebook is screwing with our links.

I just woke up, and saw this – it’s actually quite funny in a way. Do me a favor, and put a complaint in via Facebook’s block appeal form – and re-post this message in your Facebook Groups.

Even if you’re not in Empower Network, or don’t like it (or whatever) help me out with this. It’s simply not right, or ethical to block links to a domain with 40,000 active people posting unique content. They also temporarily blocked our group, which I believe they’ll remove.

I highly doubt Facebook will keep us blocked for very long, it reminds me of the dumb mywot thing that pops up occasionally – if 10,000 of us put in a block appeal, it will help – you can put in a block appeal here:


In the part that says:

“If you were blocked while trying to share a link, copy and paste the entire URL here” List a personal link to one of your unique blog posts on Empower Network, or if you’re not in, just do me a favor, and list the main domain.

Probably, what happened, was people who look at us like a competitor filed abuse complaints that aren’t accurate – just say in the block appeal something like this, and make sure you mention the empower network domain:

——–example message (personalize it) ———–

Facebook, this site, Empower Network is a user generated content site, with over 40,000 blogs, 100,000 facebook comments and 500,000 unique blog posts indexed in google – blocking the site, or the facebook group isn’t cool, I’m a part of the community and get a lot of value from interacting with everyone on Facebook. Please unblock the entire domain – you can contact the owners via the ‘contact us’ page in the footer on the main site.

There were over 10,000 members in the Empower Network Facebook group, it is one of the most popular groups in our niche on Facebook, and completely free of spam – please unblock that group as well, it’s located at:


———–end of example message—————-

Let me know when you’ve done it, and re-posted this assignment in your Facebook Groups. Until they unblock the domain, every single time you attempt to post a link, complain in that form for me.

Thanks guys, you all are a bunch of badasses :)

We’re too big to not have our voice be heard on things like this :) Love you.

———–end of facebook status update————

I’ll be putting a video out later today explaining a workaround in addition to the Facebook app, and in the meantime – just realize…

…we will NOT be stopped – or slowed down, or hindered by even Facebook :)

Appreciate you, and let’s rock this out this week!

-David Wood”

So there you have it, if you are in Empower Network follow the above instructions please and let facebook know you are not happy with the situation. Even follow the instructions if you are not in EN and just don’t like facebook’s attitude in this matter.

I am sure they will see sense and everything will be back to normal over the next 7 days. The more people that complain though will move things along a little bit faster.

empower network banned

Please share this post and leave any comments below to help your fellow Empower Network colleagues Fight the Forces of Evil!!!

As you probably know facebook did not unblock Empower Network links so if you need to know how you can share your Empower Network links on facebook click here

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